Who is Al?

Where I came from.

During my time in the game industry, I’ve worked for a company that made educational games for kids, a company that made games that help motivate people to exercise, and worked for myself making games I wanted to play. From there, I shifted gears to working on storyboards for episodic animation. In game design and storyboarding, I’ve had opportunities to work with and sometimes lead teams. I’ve been an Art Director, Art Lead, UI artist, 2D animator, graphic designer, visual effects artist, storyboard & environment lead, and illustrator. I prefer the in-the-trenches approach to help people get projects done, taking on the nitty-gritty tasks and learning new software quickly to fill a gap in the team’s skill set. I feel like I’ve glimpsed into just a fraction of what games, animation, and art can do. I think that telling the “right” stories through games and animation can help us find out who we are, help us ask the right questions, and help us imagine the bigger picture of what humanity can become. Artist, animators, and designers have the potential to tell visual stories that start conversations, design game play that teach lessons, and in general make the world a better place.

Overall,  you should know, I love world building, story telling, and:


Also… I really really LOVE being a:

Creative Process