Albert McClelland, Jr.


Senior Production Artist, Warner Media Discovery: Rooster Teeth (Sep. 2015 – Present) Austin, TX:
Freelance Storyboard Artist 2015 > 2D Storyboard Artist 2018 > Storyboard Lead 2019 > Senior Production Artist 2020

I get to create and supervise the creation of storyboards, characters, and backgrounds for the Rooster Teeth Animation Department. I help Showrunners and Writers build their 2D and 3D worlds while directing Artists to fit the styles, staging, and storytelling of our varied comedy and action projects, series, and short films. Day-to-day I pitch ideas, learn, teach, and collaborate with fellow artists to help make our best work.

Death Battle
Black Box Down: Aviation Explanation
Recorded By Arizal
Camp Camp
Nomad of Nowhere
Webtoons Shorts (The Monster Under My Bed, The Ladder)
RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant
Red Vs Blue
Neon Konbini (Tall Tales, Human Beans, and RWBY Chibi)
RWBY – Vol 3.
(Other projects available upon request)

One and a Half Beards (Sep. 2012 – Sep. 2017) Austin, TX:

Animator, User interface artist, project manager, concept artist, QA lead, and game design co-conspirator of a two-man indie game development team. We specialized in taking existing forms of gameplay and reformatting them for client-specific platforms and hardware.

Dwarven Gems – (iOS/Android) Single player puzzle game intended for GojiPlay™ Controller
Plunder Pit – (iOS/Android) Single player puzzle game intended for GojiPlay™ Controller
Blimp Breaker – (iOS/Android) Single player puzzle game intended for GojiPlay™ Controller
A-side V B-side – (Web) Versus game made in 48 hours
Barrels & Bulls – (Web/Tablets/iOS) Co-op Action Strategy game
Must Party Forever – (Web) Single player “Adventure Time” game made in 48 hours
Lost in Limbo – (iOS)

Freelance Illustrator and 2D Animator (Sep. 2006 – Sep. 2017) United States of America:
Created backgrounds, animations, storyboards, illustrations, logos, user interfaces, package designs, and all manner of 2D art ranging from educational infographics to space cadets with exploding heads.

Rooster Teeth Animation – Contract Storyboard Artist
C4 SMY – Contract Illustrator
Ink it Labs – Contract File Processor
Austin Visuals – Contract Storyboard Artist
Karakasa Games – Contract Animator
Learn District – Contract Animator
Health eDesigns – Graphic Designer
Inselberge – Graphic Designer
Boy Scouts of America – Badge Designer
Organic Spa Magazine – Illustrator
Mint Brook Meadow Teas – Illustrator and Layout Artist
Faber-Castell – Coloring book Illustrator
De La Torre Pictures – Contract Storyboard Artist
(Other clients available upon request)

2D Game Artist, Twist Education, LLC (Nov. 2010 – Apr. 2012) San Antonio, TX:
Responsible for creating appealing 2D art assets for user interfaces, games, storyboards, animations, marketing, and the web while finding opportunities to learn physics and teach new project-relevant software to other artists.

Zombeez – (iOS) 2D Game Artist
Unitopia – (iOS) 2D Game Artist
Vector Tracker – (iOS) 2D Art Lead
Lemonocity – (iOS) 2D Game Artist
Coulombs Quest – (iOS) 2D Art Lead
Charge Factory – (iOS) 2D Art Lead
Lost in Limbo – (iOS) 2D Game Artist

Intern, Clear Channel Outdoor (Jun. – Aug. 2007) San Antonio, TX:
Designed printed advertisements, billboards, and promotional materials for local businesses while mastering iteration and wireframing techniques.


Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Premiere, After Effects), Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, Cintiqs, WordPress, JIRA, SVN, PerForce, PCs, Macs, traditional animation, game design, typography, fontlab studio, traditional drawing and animation, having “thick skin”, and collaboration.


Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) (Aug. 2006 – May 2010) GPA 3.69
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration with an emphasis in storyboarding and game production.


Penguemic: World Domination, Best in Show – IndieCade 2013
Fantastic Arcade 2012, Gamemaking Frenzy Award, 2nd place
C. I. A. Portfolio Scholarship
Eagle Scout Award