Halloween Speed Paint

Behold, a speed painting of a ghost town. Sloppy yet fun, speed painting lets you focus on values and composition above all else. I was following the cannon of ghost towns so it had to have a western feel, but I wanted to throw in a dash of bayou. I also wanted to imply dark confined spaces, hence the need of a lantern in broad daylight. I imagine this town would be chocked to the brim with either Orc or Crocodile ghosts. Creatures that were once much larger than our interloper-cowboy. Assignment courtesy of my brethren at Yellow House Art.

Adventure Time!

Adventure time is an amazing series and does a good job of teaching light morals while still being a consistent source of awesome. It may not be as off-the-wall as the original pilot but in it’s current form it still does a good job of having a sense of humor. I haven’t seen many episodes but of the ones I’ve seen so far “Mortal Folly” is my favorite. The Lich, an absolutely terrifying villain nearly kills princess bubble gum… I mean how often does a necromancer almost kill a main character that’s made of candy in a cartoon? 
Finn and Jake © Cartoon Network