Old Ducks, New Tricks

By old I mean I don’t remember ever drawing this nonsense. It looks like a radio conversation between two ducks in some squiggly duck migration. I remember I used to cheat at drawing birds by drawing squashed “m’s” so this is probably from the beginning of my “BIRDS ARE SO EASY!” phase. I directly based my speech bubbles off of comics I read at the time (most likely sonic the hedgehog). Their radio chatter had  zig zag edges which looked cool… and radio-y.

The text reads:
“Duckboy 760, do you copy?”
“This is Duck 760, I’m OK!”
(punctuation added for clarity)

Not only is the narrative of this drawing hard to understand, the ducks look exactly he same and have almost no personality aside from their awkwardly outstretched legs. Not only that, but their having a radio conversation less than 2 feet from each other. Duck 760 also seems offended to be called Duckboy. Bad job past 5 year-old self… your line weight was terrible. Plus, duck beaks don’t look like squashed bananas…

I wanted to make this a bit more dramatic while using the same ridiculous dialogue (without the zigzags this time). I think it turned out alright.