The Creative Process

When I think I have good ideas, people near me tend to notice. Not because they also think the idea is so flipping great (though sometimes that’s the case), but because my good-idea-ritual is so strange. Usually I do something with my head, I either hit it, grab it, bat at it, or shake my hands around it.. Like I’m trying to knock out the idea before it runs away. I also tend to make noises like, “HOOOHHHH”. As if I’m yelling the idea onto my drawing/animation/design/sculpture/audio clip/creative thingy. Often times it surprises people, but it’s okay, the idea surprised me to. We all get to be surprise buddies.

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  1. I tend to make some crazy faces when I draw. But I say to heck with it! If it helps you create it's all good 🙂

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