In-your-face interface!

Hi all, I’m still in the deep, dark recesses of a job search. It’s been tough, but I’ve been working for myself at One and a Half Beards which keeps me sharp. Maybe something epic will come out of our effort. It seems like most places are considering experience first which is unlucky for us who just started in the game industry, especially because we need to be working to get more experience (an unfortunate catch 22 of being a young gun in a popular industry). That said, I’m still making art in one form or another and will be for a while because dammit, art work is my life. So without further gripe, here are a few examples of User Interfaces for some never-to-exist Wii games:

Midnight pool would be a family friendly yet classy pool game. I focused on using iconography from billiards to reinforce menu options, while also making the text fit the neon pool hall feel.
(The photograph in back and the Midnight Pool logo were provided but edited)

The following are examples of a go-cart game heads up display. I got latched onto the idea of making power-ups actual batteries so I ran with it. You pick up a power up it goes into the charge port, you activate the power, and there’s a really satisfying electric explosion when it’s being used. For things like a steering wheel speed power up, there would probably be an extended shock before the explosion as the go-cart rocketed ahead. In the final frame I was playing with the idea of a position tracker. Overall I planned the placement of information based on where the driver would be positioned during gameplay.
(The concept art background was provided and edited slightly)