Digger Zero WIP

20 Minute speed paint for the base layer:
Working on building a quick sense of lighting, this intrepid subterranean excavator is going to be fun to paint. I have no idea where he is at the moment, I’ll develop him further and see where he lives.
Is it weird to stalk fictional characters you invent in you mind? (upon reflection… yes)

After a bit of thinking, and reflecting on the roundness of his suit, This digger loves burgers.
Which is strange considering that no one has seen a form of cattle in the
Underwell (a subterranean city) for centuries…

I’m leaning towards incorporating Dwarves etc. into a Bladerunner-esque distopian future…underground.

Also sorry for the delay on this but I’ve been juggling a job search and crafting mines:

I’ve switched gears into doing a character study on the miner, I changed up his armor a bit and added some more detail as well as a digging utensil (handheld jackhammer… they actually exist)
 I’m getting him closer to where I want him. Cloth and metal textures To help give his gear a worn feel. He’s been around the block a few times in a suit that was tailored for someone else.