Sculpt-a-Monkey Phase Complete!

Aside from a little bit of sanding I have left to do, Super chimp has been fully sculpted. Next phase is paint the bugger. I like how his expression turned out, and how I managed to put a chimp in contrapposto. His hair style and attire are definitely Howard Hughes/ Hugh Hefner Inspired. Though rather than being a playboy he’s more of a super genius… with many leather bound books. When I paint him I’ll use a flat black or matte black spray paint, do One or two coats, and then go in and add color with a few select model paints Glossy paints for glossy parts, fleshy paints for fleshy parts, and maybe I’ll be able to find some sort of velvety paint for the smoking jacket/robe. Anyway, ENOUGH TALK!! BEHOLD A SUPER INTELLIGENT MONKEY:

Damn that’s a dapper monkey.