Hi all,
As a former and returning member of the blogosphere I suppose it’s customary to…well there aren’t really any blog customs are there? Regardless, I am here, and I’m a dedicated illustrator of little renown (but hopefully that will change). After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art I’ve had a few experiences doing work for various clients and companies which have been great for expanding my portfolio, and level of experience. But it wasn’t until just recently that I started doing exactly what I’ve been aspiring for all of my years as a habitual doodler. I’m a freelance Art Director and Concept Artist for a small independent developer in Austin. I love what I do, It’s like channeling some sort of pent up creative rage that can only be sated by punishing paper with a stick of graphite…to put it less sadistically, I doodle stuff good.

I’m especially lucky because my employer has been gracious enough to let me post things from the game as I make them, so expect to see some of that work as it happens. A couple examples can be seen here in some initial rough sketches of character directions:

This job is kinda neat in that I can make my own hours which allows me to go into the park and doodle when I have free time. Here are the fruits of some of those adventures:

So yeah that’s about it as far as new news is concerned, when something goes notably well or notably awry you (the Internet) will be the first to hear about it.

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